Sunday, November 8, 2015

Eddi's Hot Computing Tip For Windows 10 Users: Activate God Mode For Computing Superpowers

God Mode for Windows gives Windows 10 users immediate access to 262 important operational and administrative powers that are now scattered about as various options, including some that are hidden, in one easy to find desktop folder. I set this up in no time at all and highly recommend you do the same. It is easy to set up:


How to enable God Mode (Take From SuperSite for Windows):

Enabling GodMode is pretty simple. You simply create a new folder (can be created anywhere, but I suggest putting it on the Windows 10 Desktop so it's easy to locate), and give the new folder an intricately specific name.

Create a New Folder on the desktop…

Rename the folder to exactly this (copy and paste is best):



For more information about God Mode:

For more of my computing tips including my advice on Windows 10 upgrades: (scroll down):

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  1. Thanks Eddi. I am planning to upgrade to Windows 1 on this computer shortly.. From 81. I truly respect your advise


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