Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Happy Rez Day! Ryce is 7 Years Old Today

Happy Rez Day to Ryce Skytower who turns 7 years old today.

We also want to extend birthday wishes to Ryce's Blog, Ryce Skytower's Second Life, which turns 6 years old tomorrow.

Ryce currently hangs out in Second Life in both non-mesh traditional and mesh formats, in which he alternates between his blonde and black hair (hey this is Second Life so why not have several looks?)

To see how much different Ryce looked 7 years ago, head over to his blog.


Ryce in 2008 - First Year in Second Life

(Head Over To Ryce's Blog For More Photographs From 2008)


Ryce Before Mesh


Ryce and Benja - Together For Three Years


Ryce Goes Mesh in 2015

Mesh Ryce - Black Hair

Mesh Ryce- Blonde Hair


  1. Happy rez day! I wish you the best for many more into the future.

    1. Congrats my Love!!!!! happy happy day!!!! thanks for being in my life (real and virtual) :D :x

    2. Hey Benja, Ryce sends you his love too! And I think you put this as a Reply to Rusty's comment by mistake but I will tell Ryce not to get jealous :).


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