Saturday, October 3, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: The Transformative Journey of Metamorfaces at LEA 10

Art Oluja's (Artistik.Oluja) Metamorfaces is an art installation on LEA 10 that is part of the endowment's Artist In Residence Program. Art explains the work as  "a self-reflective journey of faces, prims, texts and sounds, intertwined to express a metaphor of transformation". I found it to be quite interesting- the various layers and levels of the installation convey a message of fleeting transformation in a digital age.

One arriving at the entrance area, which I show above, make your way down the hallway to the room
at the end of the hallway. Touch the two faces shown below to walk onto the main part of the exhibit which I show in the other images. You may jump and fly here - make sure to explore the lower levels of Metamorfaces, including the areas beneath the columns shown above which lie beneath the abstract green shapes you will see when leaving the first exhibit room.

I used the recommended Windlight settings already programmed at the destination in these images. The pale purple light changes dramatically with rapidly moving clouds and fog.

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