Thursday, October 1, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: The Instruments- A Collection of Cool PhotographicTableaus

The Instruments, which opened on September 5, is both a social destination and a very varied set of photographic tableau, many of which are populated by realistic looking mannequins (note: I am sure sure if calling these inanimate sculptures mannequins but I am not sure what other term applies). Most of The Instruments is set in an urban late 20th century North American setting - but other areas, including an oriental pavilion and rural area with cutesy animals are also available for photography. I met several European residents at The Instruments who were looking to socialize. The Instruments is a very unique place and one I recommend you visit, simply because it is so attractive and surprising. This is a great place for photographers and explorers, and a great new addition to Second Life.

All photography in this post uses Windlight Sky Setting Bree's Appleblossom, which I prefer for its bright and clear blue light.

To visit The Instruments:

The Instruments Facebook Page:

Bitacora has excellent photography from The Instruments:

To see a current listing of more gorgeous places to visit in Second Life:

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