Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Eclectica Is Now Joined By Electica II

Maddy Electica's rugged homage to virtual landscape design, Eclectica, is now joined by a sister sim, Eclectica II.  While a hilly island setting provides a standard setting for many Second Life Destinations, the Eclectica sims stands out simply because they are so charming. Varied attractions including waterfalls, a sunken galleon, a chinese gazebo, and the aurora borealis (northern lights) make these s great destinations to explore and photograph, either alone or with a romantic interest. Electica II has a sandy beach with a soft rolling surf and sand dunes to explore, and is well inspired in realism.  I highly recommend a visit.

SLurl to Eclectica:

SLurl to Eclectica 2:

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