Monday, October 5, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Lisipark Has a New Location- and its Southwest Setting is Gorgeous

I logged into Second Life last week and was planning to visit Lisipark, one of my favorite destinations on the grid, and was saddened discover that my landmark would no longer work. I immediately contacted Lisi Lefevre and asked her if the destination was closed. Lisi informed me that Lisipark had moved to a new location and setting designed by TracyLynne Carpenter. I immediately popped over, and was dazzled at that the spectacular new sim design that immediately reminded me of Sedona, Arizona which is one of the most beautiful places in the Southwestern United States.

Lisipark's building interiors are very well done and a delight to visit - I show several in these series of images.  When you visit, make sure to visit Gacha Envy, Lisi's Gocha store, The SLurl below will take you in front of the store, from where you can tour the town, valleys, and mesas of the new Lisipark.  To visit this highly recommended destination (note new landmark):

To see how Lisipark appeared before the move:

December, 2014 (in winter snow):

November 2014:

To see a current listing of more gorgeous places to visit in Second Life:

Gacha Envy, Lisit's Retail Store

The interior of Gacha Envy

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  1. Again, you've created such pretty and high quality photographs of Lisipark, I really look forward to your visit again and hope to see more photographs by you soon of this location! Lisi Lefevre is very interested in live entertainment to happen at Lisipark so if any of your readers knows of anyone who might like to preform, blog, or create machinima, then please forward them Lisi's name.

    Thank you! Blitz Rage - Second Life.


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