Thursday, October 29, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations for Halloween Week: Carver's End and Havenhollow 3

Carver's End

We wrap-up  our coverage of  great destinations to visit for Halloween Week with two realistic North American towns that are decked out in their autumnal season finery, Carver's End and Havenhallow 3. Both destinations were quite busy on Tuesday Night,- with over 30 grid residents either trick-or-treating for prizes at Havenhollow, or participating in a hunt at Carver's End. Realistic construction and beautiful late autumn landscaping make both of the destinations great for photography.

Carver's End

Carver's End,  Pulse Games' 8th annual survival horror adventure, awards prizes from 21 designers on a hunt. Hud's for game participation are available at the arrival location given below. The Carver's End adventure includes teleporting to hidden locations by simply walking through passageways, or clicking doors which serve as destination links. I liked several automated  touches -  including a bloody automated car wash and haunted television with struggling hands that I show in photographs here.

Your taxi to Carver's End:

Carver's End

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Carver's End

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Havenhollow 3

Havenhollow III is an interactive neighborhood featuring a door-to-door trick-or-treating experience. in which prizes are awarded at many locations.  I liked the 1960's suburban feel to Havenhollow -- with split level and ranch-style homes decorated with lit jack-o'-lanterns, and big gas-guzzling cars shown off in driveways.  I also liked the variety of wholesome  neighbors waiting to hand out trick-or-treats behind front doors that will open for polite guests.

Havenhollow 3

This is a very social destination -- observing Second Life residents in very well done costumes  are all part of the fun. I toured the destination as an evil clown avatar with a bloody axe offering people free shaves -- I had no takers unfortunately.

Your taxi to Havenhollow III:

Havenhollow 3

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Havenhollow 3

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