Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations for Halloween: New Babbage's Grotesque Bridge of Thighs

The Bridge of Thighs in Second Life's Steampunk Capital, the multi-region City of New Babbage, is as grotesque at its name suggests-- a bridge made of giant human thigh and skull bones which spans a polluted industrial canal. I like the name play off Venice's famous Bridge of Sighs -- a passageway which earned its name by giving convicts their last view of beautiful Venice before their imprisonment.

The Bridge of Thighs leads to a horrific prison -- which is full of bizarre creatures and ghouls undergoing horrific tortures. Everything is animated -- including eyes which offer a glimpse into their hellish souls. The visitor is both repulsed by and sympathetic to  these pathetic creatures. Strange sounds and gaseous lights complement the Steampunk era - late 1800's  timeframe in which New Babbage exists.  This is one of the creepiest and most atmospheric Halloween destination on the grid. I highly recommend a visit.


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