Saturday, October 10, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations for the Halloween Season: Octoberville at LEA 9

The Octoberville game and hunt is celebrating its 10 year anniversary at LEA 9.  This is a gorgeous destination and well worth a visit.  Octoberville has an  atmospheric skybox arrival area and attraction-filled main town with dense autumn foliage. I am showing photographs here of all of Octoberville even though I did not go through the official hunt journey and follow the rules to visit the main town. I actually entered the main town from a neighboring sim, which I am sure any of you can do if you want to just photograph and visit this recommended art installation and destination.

SLurl to official start area:

Octoberville Skybox Arrival Area

Those of you who read this column know that I do not have the time or inclination for hunts and games, but that I do like to photograph interesting destinations in Second Life. I actually entered the main town from a neighboring sim, which I am sure any of you can do if you want to just photograph and visit the town attractions, including a very cool rollercoaster, and not participate in the mesh hunt. I have decided not to run any Octoberville "cheats" in this post, since so many are honestly participating in a complex prize-loaded hunt. But, to make things easier, I will let you know how to get stared quickly in the instructions below since figuring things out can be confusing at first.

Scene Off Skybox Arrival Area


When you arrive at the Octoberville official start point by taking the SLURL shown above, you will be offered a folder with a notecard and flashlight. Read the notecard and do the following:

1. Set your viewer to midnight. I actually took these images using a different Windlight Sky Setting, TOR Dusk Fairytale Glow, which I like for its "haunted" atmospherics.

2. Wear the flashlight given to you in the folder. It will help you see properly.

3. Turn your sounds up

4. Start the game by speaking with a witch which is actually an avatar role, just look for anyone with witch in their title and ask them how to get an Octoberville 2015 HUD. Then you can start the game.


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