Friday, October 23, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations for Halloween Week: Ironwood Hills

I reviewed Ironwood Hills in June 2015, and enjoyed photographing this atmospheric post-apocalyptic destination in what was then very heavy rainfall. The rain has since stopped - and Ironwood Hills has changed somewhat since then. The overall effect here is quite realistic with humour. The interior of the several of the buildings which I show in the lower three images  are very well done,  A very dark and gloomy amusement park is one of the most atmospheric in Second Life. I liked Ironwood Hills quite a bit, and recommend it for photographers and others who like to explore offbeat destinations. Make sure to visit.

All photographs were taken with Windlight Sky Setting "TOR" Dusk Fairytale Glow which comes as a standard option under advanced environmental settings in Firestorm and other viewers. I like Fairytale Glow for its eerie early evening light and darkly clouded skies.

Your taxi to this highly recommended destination:

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