Sunday, October 11, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Ancient Egypt at Museum Island

Eddi Haskell as Ramesses II at Abu Simbel

There are several great destinations in Second Life which have as their theme ancient Egypt. Museum Island, which has attractions from ancient civilizations including Babylon, Greece, and Rome has two well done attractions of famous sites related to the great Pharaoh Ramesses II - the massive rock temple complex of Abu Simbel, and the tomb of his famous wife Nefertari. I decided to pay a visit to these attractions dressed in an appropriate outfit, and was greatly impressed with the detail and artistry of both attractions.

Eddi views the interior of Abu Simbel

When we view ancient ruins today, we need to imagine how magnificent they must have looked when, according to written accounts,  they were painted brilliant colors, Abu Simbel and Nefertari's Tomb can be visited in their full painted glory. One interesting feature of Abu Simbel on Museum Island is the ability to time travel, and render it in its current sand-blasted state and in the brilliant colors of three millennia ago. I show this in two images below. You can find this "switch" at the sign on the front of the Abu Simbel temple.

The exterior of Abu Simbel can change color -- from its current Sand Blasted exterior

The beauty of Nefertari's Tomb is in its magnificent painted interiors, which I show in the lower four photographs. The effect of a maze of painted walls surrounding Queen Nefertari's sarcophagus is magnificent.  Museum Island contains other well done attractions- this is a destination that anyone who appreciates great Second Life architecture needs to visit, and is highly recommended.


The exterior of Abu Simbel how it looked 3,000 years ago


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Eddi Haskell as Ramesses II at Nefertari's Tomb

To visit another great Egyptian attraction in Second Life, visit the Egyptian level at Da Vinci Gardens which I plan to review in a later post:

Eddi is wearing an Egyptian costume, Osiris, from Felixx Shepherd's store on the Second Life Marketplace which can be purchased for L$ 380. Felixx is also the owner of Da Vinci Gardens.

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