Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Eddis Hot Computing Tip: Attention Windows 10 Users. The Current Version of Qucktime Will Not Allow You To See Videos in Second Life. Here is a Work-Around

Attention Windows 10 Users:

The current version of Apple Quicktime - 7.7.8 - does not work with Windows 10 without difficult workarounds. 

You need Quicktime to see web-based media, such as You Tube videos, in Second Life.

You may have updated your version of Quicktime with a background program and not have realized it.

You have two options to fix this:

1. You can try doing one of the workarounds, but it involves downloaded an installer from a source that I am not comfortable with and cannot recommend, or programming your registry, which can lead to major issues. One of the workarounds is here:


2. (Recommended).

1. Check to see if your Quicktime is actually version 7.7.8

I did this by running this link in Chrome but it should work in any browser


2. Uninstall it.   I like to do a deep uninstall using Revo Uninstaller to make sure that I remove my registry values.  I use the free version.

3. Install Quicktime version 7.7.6 for Windows
Filehippo has a clean download here:


4. Important!

Make sure to go to Compatibility Mode (in Properties) by right-clicking on your icon and select Windows 7. Quicktime on Windows 10 will not work in any other mode.

Back in August, I said that Windows 10 was causing me headaches, and that I see no reason why any Windows 7 user would want to upgrade without a three month wait.  I now think that Windows 10 needs a longer break-in period, and that Windows 7 users should continue to wait -- if they want to bother to upgrade at all. Windows 7 is being supported until 2020 (according to reports this summer) and is not being retired anytime soon. If you are using Windows 7, this is just another headache you will avoid by keeping it.

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