Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Watercolors in the Rain, The Second Life Experience at LEA 29

Note: Watercolors in the Rain will formally open on October 1, 2015. 

"Watercolors in the Rain, The SL Experience" is the Second Life incarnation of the book by the same by David Lavigne, who is Surreal Skytower inworld. The art installation will be available for visiting through December 2015 over at LEA 29. David Lavigne describes the project as follows"

"I have a real world novel titled, Watercolors in the Rain. It is set in 1888 Victorian London. The story is an alternate history of the Jack the Ripper murders, only fictionalized and heavily laced with supernatural elements and a major retelling from a unique perspective. What I want to do, with builder friends. Is bring the vision of book, to virtual reality in Second Life."

The novel Watercolors in the Rain has been selected as one of the best books for the first half over at 2015 at Amazon, where it can be purchased for $15.95 in paperback and $4.99 on Kindle. I found the synopsis at Amazon, shown below, to be a good introduction to understanding the art installation:

"It is 1888, a battle-torn and weary America is still reeling from a war against itself. Although it has known peace for twenty-years, old hatreds still remain. American born Aubrey Lancaster has fled to London with her family, hiding from the secrets of their past and looking to start over. Aubrey soon finds that London has problems of its own. A killer roams its streets, one unlike the world has ever seen before! In the realm of vampires, werewolves, druids and witches, catching a killer is nothing more than opening your eyes to what really exists around you, a world which very few can truly see. But, make no mistake, it is there!"

The entrance to  Watercolors in the Rain is set inside a stone wall enclosure with mystical spherical lights that I assume have something to do with the setting of the novel. You progress though a landscape set in gorgeous autumn colors and proceed forward to a town that seems right out of New England in a Halloween setting. A trip up to a snowy mountaintop will lead you to a balloon right to a ghostly lit manor. I must confess to not knowing what the role play opportunities are here, but this art exhibit is a pleasure to wander around and photograph and I highly recommend a visit since everything is enchanting and well done.

To visit this art installation through December, 2015:


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Author David  Lavigne's Second Life Avatar is Surreal Skytower

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