Saturday, September 19, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Recursion at LEA 27 Pulsates with Life

FreeWee Ling's Recursion knocked me out when I visited the installation last week over at LEA 27. The entire sim moved and pulsated in an anarchic yes ordered primordial dance routine. Shapes were formed as a result of incredibly complex algorithms in the large circular laboratory area where the visitor controls object creations. Everything was forming to be incredible light-filled worlds which then can collapse and arise again in a totally different time, color, mood, and shape.

FreeWee's simple title for the explanation is  "Recursion: That which recurs or is recursive or which re-occurs. Reiterative. Repetitive. Repetitious". It this is what this art installation, then repetition has never looks as fascinating or beautiful.

All photography used the cloudy midnight black sky programmed at the region which I found to be very appropriate in highlighting, and at times making more subtle, the bright primary and metallic colors which as a key part of FreeWee's vision.

Recursion is a highly recommended art installation which will be open for public viewing throughout December 2015.  The exhibit was still under construction at the time I took these images, and may change somewhat when you visit. This is a hyperkinetic art installation, with lots of rezzing of shapes and movement of objects; be prepared to have a wide range of simulations to focus upon.

Here is the SLurl to the highly recommended interactive art installation:

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I constructed the four animated GIFs from 17 - 25 individual frames at  The animations show some of the spontaneous recursive activity which is key to this art installation/


  1. Jaspar and I went to the Recursion art installation after reading your blog entry on it! Truly amazing. We loved the interactive aspect of it: that sim is not only alive, it also responds to one's presence and actions. Thank you for the tip! Eon


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