Friday, September 11, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: The Beautifully Landscaped Island of Dead Dollz New Main Store

Some of the most artistically done and best designed destinations in Second Life are commercial. It was not always this way, I can remember years past when most large retail locations in Second Life glaringly looked the part and had huge amounts of unattractive signage that were simply not very pleasing.  Things have changed now, and many commercial regions offer the very best in landscape and architectural design.

A good example is the new location for Dead Doll located at Endless Summer, which sells ladies fashion. The new main store is located on a charming Mediterranean island reminiscent of the South of France or the Tuscany Region in Italy.  There are very cozy indoor and outdoor cafe areas to relax and socialize at. The realistic shore, with gently pounding waves and rugged Sandy beaches are a pleasure to explore. This is a charming destination, and well recommended for a visit.

Here is the SLurl to this highly recommended destination:

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Web Site (with lots of great destination photography):

Second Life Marketplace (Ladies Fashion):

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