Friday, September 25, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Willow's Oasis - A Hidden Gem

I discovered charming Willow's Oasis and thought that the landscaping and decoration of this charming small-scale Second Life refuge was perfect. Waves crashing into a rugged coast, and wildflowers surrounding a charmingly decorated cottage that is open for public visiting all complimented each other in this great find.  I highly recommend a visit.


Willow's Oasis Flickr:

To see a current listing of more gorgeous places to visit in Second Life:


  1. Hi ya,

    Beautiful images. I have a question how do u take pictures without your avatar being in it
    Blessings Janet

    1. You just have to experiment with your camera and try the different settings and move it. Your camera can actually focus across an entire sim.


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