Thursday, September 17, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: The Three Worlds of Binemist

Magical Binemist exists on three distinct levels, images of which I show here in ascending order. The first SLurl shown in this post will take you to an underwater region.  You can explore an ordered undersea grid will take you to such diverse attractions as a pair of indian elephants and a sculpture made of giant playing cards with sea turtles dancing over your head.  Teleport to the next level --  the water surface, either by taking a manhole or by taking the SLurl listed here to the water surface and visit several attractions including a main house with a baby grand piano. Be careful -- the water is deep here!  Finally, a sky level which is bathed in mysterious orange light yields a landscape out of a post apocalyptic American Southwest. Each level unique, and by itself,  a must-see and highly recommended  destination.

SLurl to underwater Binemist:

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SLurl to Surface Level:


SLurl to sky platform:

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