Monday, September 21, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations For Autumn Foliage: Cape Juniper

The Northern Hemisphere Autumn starts later today, marking the end of summer. The Southern Hemisphere will be celebrating the end of winter and the beginning of Spring today.

Autumn is my favorite season. I love the cooler temperatures -- although I have to wait until November for cooler and drier weather to come to Florida. I also love the changing leaves in the brilliant red and golden colors of the season, even though we do not have any of this in South Florida's subtropical climate. I can still celebrate my favorite season by visiting autumn locations in Second Life.

Much of the United States and Canada has great Autumn foliage. It is the huge expanses of deciduous hardwood trees, most notably brilliant red Maples - the leaf on the national flag of Canada, which come to mind when one thinks of Autumn. These trees are primarily located in the Eastern States and Provinces. However, Autumn does not stop there.

If you go west in North America, out to the Rocky and Pacific Coastal Mountain Ranges of both nations, Autumn is just as magnificent but different. Other trees which thrive at higher and colder elevations, most notably Birches, also turn brilliant colors.  In fact, one of the most incredible foliage experiences I ever had was driving from Salt Lake City to Logan Utah on a trip in late September. Rows upon rows of brilliant orange Birch Trees, surrounded by dark green pines, set the mountain ranges ablaze -- the effect was magnificent.

Cape Juniper reminds me of one very special place, Lake Tahoe, which is surrounded by California and Nevada.  This area, located about a four hour drive from San Francisco, is more famous as a Winter ski destination. The Autumn season here, while not as well known, is a major tourist destination in its own. Tree-covered mountains, brilliant in color, cast bright reflections in the clear blue lake water here.

The architecture of Cape Juniper town reminded me of what you would find in this part of the United States -- not as quaint and atmospheric as what you would find in older Eastern States such as Vermont, but with a Western charm all their own. This is a very pretty destination and highly recommended for a visit.


All photography in this post uses Windlight Sky Setting Bree's Appleblossom, which I prefer for its bright and clear blue light.

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