Thursday, September 3, 2015

Great Second Life Art Installations: Failure To Thrive [The Grey Child] at LEA 15

Artist Storm Septimus has opened a hauntingly beautiful art installation at LEA 15. Failure to Thrive (alternatively called The Grey Child) is a sim-sized work of shimmering shades of greys and silvers, Storm says that there are plashes of bright "children's colors when appropriate".  Storm imagined the final piece to be "a touch abstract in execution" since "children do not see the world in the same way as adults".

The overall effect of the work, which is housed in a softly painted sky dome, is dreamlike and magical. Make sure to visit the surfaces and interiors of larger objects such as the bell-shaped hemisphere shown below to see intricate details. I particularly liked the timepiece shown above; its soft reflection in the shimmering water was mesmerizing. This is a gorgeous art installation and highly recommended for a visit.


Storm Septimus recommends that you have either of these graphic settings enabled when visiting, with Storm personally favoring Low Rez.

Low Rez (note-  these photographs were taken to this setting):

  • You need to have Ambient Occlusion, Advance Lighting Model and Atmospheric Shaders turned off and Water Reflections turned on to all static objects or higher.
  • Windlight Settings:  Sky - Places Las Legunas, Water-  [TOR] Placid Brite.

High Rez  (note- only try this if you have a very good graphics card):

  • Use the ultra graphics setting. Make sure everything is set to maximum. 
  • In Hardware, Anisotropic Filtering and the two boxes underneath should be turned on, and Antialiasing should be set to 16x. 
  • Windlight Settings:  Sky -  [TOR] MIDDAY Nostalgika, Water-  [TOR] Placid Brite.


To find our more about this art installation:

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