Thursday, August 6, 2015

Very Good News From Ziki Questi's Blog! Kyle Jaxxon Is Alive and Well -- And the Trace Too Will Continue

Kylie Jaxxon from Ziki Questi's Blog

According to Ziki Questi, despite reports of Kylie Jaxxon's demise, and the closure of the Trace Too, Kylie is alive and well and the Trace Too will continue.

It sounds like Kylie is very suprised by all the reports of this!  Well, hey, this is Second Life and stuff like this happens quite frequently-- such is the wonder of our virtual reality.  Kylie has assured everyone that she is getting back on her feet. I hope Kylie's improvement in health continues because she is such a great person and has contributed so much to Second Life.

The  art auction at the Trace Too  will continue with donations going to Relay for Life.

Well this is very good news indeed. Welcome back Kylie!  Or to be more specific, we are glad you never left!

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