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Real Life Hunk of the Week: Hot Hollywood Actor Jeremy Irvine - Controversial Star of The Movie Stonewall

Handsome 25 year-old English actor Jeremy Irvine is one of Hollywood's hottest properties.  He made a name for himself and earned critical acclaim for his 2011 breakout film, Steven Spielberg's Warhorse. He has had major role's in several films including 2013's The Railway Man, and 2014's Beyond the Reach, in which he co-starred with Michael Douglas, a film that he spent six months preparing for by getting his lean body in shape for his hunted survivalist role.  He is starring in several publicized well publicized  films which are either in production or soon to be released including Fallen, Mary Shelley's Monster,  and The Beautiful Fantastic, However, it is the upcoming movie Stonewall in which Jeremy has earned a great deal of controversial news coverage this past week.

The movie Stonewall is set to be released on September 25 2015, is the first big-budget Hollywood film that is about the 1969 riots of the same name in New York City that was one of the major triggers for the modern gay rights movement. You can find out more about the riots, and why they are so important, in a recent article that I ran here this past June. The trailer for the movie, which I show below, was released last week, and focuses on Jeremy's starring role in the movie. Jeremy's portrays a homeless gay youth from the conservative American Midwest who is thrown out of his home by his parents after coming out (which is a very common problem for gay teenagers), and ends up in New York as a homeless "street kid". Jeremy has a heroic role and joins in the riots and throws a brick through the window of the Stonewall Bar to protest the extreme police brutality at the time. .

Immediately after the trailer was released, some LGBT activists were angry, and called for a film boycott. Some activists ) are saying that the focus on Jeremy's role in the trailer "whitewashes" the Stonewall Riots, since Jeremy is obviously white, masculine, handsome, and too readily identifiable as a heterosexual in real life. You can read more about the ongoing controversy over at Joe My God, a leading LGBT web site:

Jeremy has replied by saying that the trailer does not show what is actually contained in the film, and the attention it plays to transexuals, lesbians, latinos, and people of color who participated in the riot.
Jeremy shows a great deal of empathy for the original transgender and minority people who started the riots in 1969.  You can read his response here in Towelroad:

I picked Jeremy for the Real Life Hunk of the Week this week because of his stunning chiseled looks and great acting ability -- his American accent is truly good for a British actor (by the way, this works both ways -- American actors can have atrociously bad British accents, a  famous example is Dick Van Dyke's incredibly poor Cockney accent in 1964's Mary Poppins). I am very impressed with how Jeremy is handing the controversy generated by his role in Stonewall. Some of the insults hurled at him this week (I quote) include "vanilla", pretty boy", "boring", "milquetoast", and "has a Messiah Complex" must be hurtful to him. Yet, Jeremy along with Director Roland Emmerich, are doing a good job in my opinion in ensuring that any misconceptions about this film are answered. Stonewall looks to be a great film, and I eagerly await it's release next month.


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Trailer for War Horse - Jeremy's Breakout Film in 2011

Trailer for Beyond The Reach

The controversial Official Trailer for Stonewall Movie - released on August 4.

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  1. As usual Eddi you have great taste in hunks. Great photos and I love the vidio clips and the text is beautiful Thanks


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