Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: The Apple Fall Headquarters Is a Visual Treat

Apple Fall sells very well designed structures, furniture, decorate items and objets d'art. I visited their main store location, set in a cool misty valley full of shimmering trees and wildflowers. Mountains could be seen in the distance enshrouded by early-day fog. Vineyards and wind turbines were also visible, as was a very cool looking 1950-ish car surrounded by overgrown hydrangea to gorgeous effect. Everything is so magical here -- and this is before I had the chance to wander into the large Apple Fall store to see beautiful items, including many that I recognized from very well designed sims -- the kind of quality item that I associate with Love To Decorate Magazine.

This is a very pretty destination, one that is worth visiting whether or not you are in the home decorating market. You can simply visit, photograph, and breath the cool foggy air -- a great way to beat the summer heat if you are in the Northern Hemisphere in what is proving to be a very hot summer.  Kudos go to Apple Fall for excellent work in designing and furnishing such a gorgeous retail location.

To visit this highly recommended destination.

All photograhy was taken with the foggy Windlight Sky Setting programmed at the region.

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