Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Great Second Life Art Installations: The Spiritual Journey of Kiesta Aljon's "Reflect The Light" at LEA 18

Kiesta Aljon's "Reflect The Light" integrates light both as a spiritual and structural element in art. The opening impression of the installation is very dramatic. A shining force of shimmering blue light
-  the main sculptural work of "Reflect the Light"- guides you to several dramatic vignettes comprised of humanoid light sculptures. These run the gamut of human emotion and represent the spiritual journey all of us undertake in our lifetimes. This is not stationary art -- the blue light is mesmerizing and needs to be seen to be appreciated.

To see the other parts of "Reflect the Light", follow the arrows and make your way to the central transit area. You will find four doors (shown in the photograph below) which are teleports to different levels.

Make sure to set your Sky setting to a nighttime setting before you visit the other levels. I like Windlight Sky Setting "TOR" Dusk Fairytale Glow -- it gives a nice shimmering glow to the moving light objects. I am showing animations from three of the levels below.

The Fourth Door, Which says "Beware" and is indicated by Black and White checks is a surprise - I am not showing photography from that level here.

Here is your taxi for this highly recommended art installation. Make sure to visit!


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The animated GIFS in this post were made from 20 individual frames each over at The GIF's below show a animations from the three levels which you can visit by teleporting through one of the four doors shown above in the transit area:

Black Level:
Dream Dance Colorful Domes

Blue Level:
Rainbow Life Creations

Red Level:
Round Gallery of Photography
Animated Holiday Trees (which are available for copies at no charge) 

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  1. Hey thanks for posting my blog in your links I appreciate it. And great post I love the gifs you have here. Reflect the light is such a beautiful area. :D


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