Saturday, August 15, 2015

Great Second Life Art Installations: Fuschia Nightfire's Work of Zero Significance Must Be Seen at LEA 21

Highly regarded Second Life artist Fuschia Nightfire has a new art installation at LEA 21  (Linden Endowment for the Arts) 21 that must be seen.  Work of Zero Significance is a highly interactive multimedia series of works that are both beautifully done and totally immersive in sensory effect. I found Fuschia's use of the color palette, and sense of graphic design,  to be particularly well done. The installation is a ongoing work in progress, constantly changing, and an experiment in the combined impact of  transparency and alpha layers, all effects created inworld. Fuschia also intends to use the space for some performance art implementing the same techniques and to also film some new machinima within the space, working with other artists and musicians.

Fuschia is distributing free avatars and wearables for viewers to interact with the textures and media streaming. The installation has poses for interactive photography which I am not showing in my photography here.

Note: Work of Zero Significance does not appear to be formally open, or in its final form, at the time I photographed these images, so the actual installation may differ by the time of your visit.

To visit this highly recommended art installation, which is one of the highlights of the 2015 LEA series:

The following is recommended to get the most out of your visit:

Be sure to have your media enabled.

Set your Windlight settings to those enabled by the region to get proper atmospheric effects.

You should have the latest versions of Quicktime and Flash Player installed on your computer. (Note from Eddi- I use Filehippo App Manager to automatically check and link to current application downloads).

Have your graphics turned down to medium or low to see the effect of the transparency avatar or turn off shadows in preferences. Check out the following machinima to see this effect:

You will need to walk into each installation to see the individual steaming media - camming will not show you this.


Check out Apmel's blog for an excellent and decidedly different photographic take of the installation.

To find our more about the Linden Endowment for the Arts and see information on other art installations that can be visited:

To find our more about Arts and Culture, and see current information on how to visit other immersive art installations, head over to Scoop - Art & Culture in Second Life:

One of my favorite art installations of all time in Second Life was Fuschia Nightfire's Not Everything is Plain B&W from 2012.  You can catch my review here:


These animated GIFS from Work of Zero Significance were made from 20 individual frames at a rate of two frames per second over at

This preview machinima contains the hypnotic sound track Winston Ackland- I'm Always Falling Down that is continuously looped onsite.

Fuchisia Nightfire other machinima can be found over at Nina Camplin's Youtube channel:

You can see a related machinima here:


  1. Thanks for this fabulous blog Eddi! It's so good to see that people are enjoying my installation, as time goes on there will be much more to see and do there! Not sure if there will be an offiicial opening as I am continually changing and updating it, but happy for people to go visit whilst it is developing.

    Fuschia Nightfire (a.k.a Nina Camplin)

  2. Fuschia is an incredible artist in both worlds. we are so lucky to have her in SL bringing her artistic visions to life :) Great blog

  3. Great post! Thank you so much for sharing the amazing Fuschia's world!


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