Saturday, July 11, 2015

Message From Eddi - Please Read This If You Have a Pet Cat or Dog, It May Save Their Life

I usually do not post information like this for my Second Life blog. However one of you readers might benefit from this information.

I saved the life of my mom's sweet 15 year-old cat by changing her diet. Her name-brand cat food was killing her.

Here's some background --

In November of 2014, my mom's cat was becoming very ill. She lost her energy and was losing weight. It was a gradual thing. We assumed that she was getting old and approaching the end of her life. We took her to our vet who told us after testing her urine that she was having kidney failure. Kidney failure is a primary cause of death these days for elderly cats and many dogs.

I asked the vet about a diet change, and he did not think this would help that much, but told us to cut out all dry food and cat treats. Moist canned foods is what is required.

The vet told me that one thing I could do is give the cat daily subcutaneous water injections which will help clean her kidneys. I decided not to do that since it would be extremely stressful for the cat and for myself. My mom's cat is not docile when she is under stress, and ripped my arm up the last time she did not want to be held to be put in her carrier to go to the vet whom she hates.  I simply could not imagine holding her and injecting her with a painful needle daily to extend her life. So what my mom and I decided was to let her live for as long as she could, and then probably euthanize her at some point.

I then did research. I found out that phosphates / phosphorus are a key cause of chronic kidney disease (CKD) for cats and dogs. And many famous brands of pet food are loaded with this and other unhealthy things such as mercury.

You can read more about this here:

For Dogs:

For Cats:

I then read that the food my mom's cat was eating exclusively, a major brand's Tuna and Whitefish canned food, was the subject of many complaints and was loaded with phosphates. Some people were claiming that this brand had actually killed their pet cat. I cannot mention this brand, since I left a negative comment on Amazon, and this company objected to my comments in a very strong way. I do not to be sued by mentioning them here.

I read further and found this website.   It is excellent and gives good advice:

One of the recommended foods was by the company Paul Newman founded, Newman's Own Organics.  We tried it, and after seven months, we have a new cat. She likes the taste of the chicken and turkey varieties. She has gained her weight back, has a glistening coat, and is about as energetic as can be expected for a 15 year old cat -- which in people years is 75.

Indoor cats can live to 20 years or more these days -- and I think my mom's cat has many years left in her.

The cat food is not cheap. She eats three cans a day at $1.25 a can, which comes to about $100 a month.  However, she is family and she is worth it.

The goal with any cat or dog with CKD is to keep their weight up - death almost always comes from severe weight loss due to dehydration. Providing plenty of fresh water is very important.

So to make a long story short, just changing your pet's diet may save its life. Do your own research, since many famous pet food brands can actually be poisonous to your cat or dog.

I hope this information may be of benefit to some of you out there.

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  1. Very interesting. I do not have a pet but have friends that di. I will pass this along. Thanks


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