Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Santa Maria dell'isola Italy at Timeless Memories

Designer Elvira Kytori's latest iteration of her Timeless Memories sim is a gorgeously crafted and landscaped Mediterranean mansion, Santa Maria dell'isola Italy. Everything is  to scale, the exquisite landscaping here is some of the very best ever in Second Life. The grounds and interior of the mansion home reachable by hillside stairs are open for visiting and combine contemporary and rustic "italian farmhouse" design. This is exactly the kind of place that top-tier managers in Europe dream about renting for their annual monthly Summer holiday. This destination is highly recommended and should be visited by anyone who appreciates excellent design in Second Life.

To visit:

Timeless Memories has a Flickr Group:

To see photography of the actual Monastery of Santa Maria dell'isola in Tropea, Calabria Italy which is similarly situated on a dramatic hilltop seaside setting:

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