Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Pixelton - Open For Public Viewing Through the End of July 2015 Only

Bucky Barkley's Pixelton is a gorgeous virtualization of the mountainous landscape of Northern California - set in   the late fall when the region's trees burnish in fall colors. Most of the foliage here are tall evergreen perennials similar to the actual rugged California landscape.  Many people would be surprised to know that Northern California has some of the most rugged terrain in the United States; it is no wonder that so many Sasquatch (Big Foot) occur here.

Bucky has been kind enough to open Pixelton to public viewing until the end of July 2015, when it will become his private homestead region. Please be aware that the sim may be closed at times through that period.

To visit this highly recommended destination.

To see more information from Bucky on Pixelton and his Flicker Photo Stream:

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Photographic Information:

I used several Windlight Sky Settings here. I wanted a bright blue light in most to bring our the warm reds and oranges of fall foliage and setting sunlight. I used the Glassy Water Windlight setting to bring out the clear reflections of mountain lakes. All photography was taken using and ultra high graphic settings.

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