Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Oils from Pixelton --- Open For Public Viewing Until The End Of July

Bucky Barkley's Pixelton, a gorgeous region which is inspired by the craggy coast of Northern California, will be open to public viewing until the end of July 2015.  It will then become a private homestead region. You have only a few more days to visit.

To visit this highly recommended destination (please be aware that the sim may be closed at times)::

To see my full review and more photography from Pixelton

These  oil painting conversions were made with free Fotosketcher software.

To find out how I did this:

Two other gorgeous private destinations that were featured in New World Notes will be open for a few days. You can see my reviews and landmarks here:

Baby's Ear, open through July 26:

Bella Pac, open through the end of July:

To see a current listing of more gorgeous places to visit in Second Life:

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