Thursday, July 23, 2015

Great Second LIfe Art Installations: The Egg at LEA 19 by Livio Korobase

The Egg, a new art installation at LEA 19 by well known multimedia artist Livio Korobase, is a great fun to visit. It is also enchantingly beautiful bathed in its programmed Windlight Sky Setting, a gentle ocher light. The installation has many exhibits that move and "breathe" -- you can see animated GIFS of some of the ones that I liked below.  A large egg, with an interior that includes a starting praying mantis, is visible throughout the installation and serves as its central "theme".

Decorated sculptures of animals are a key component of this eclectic  installation. A mother hen followed by her chicks (above) greet the entering visitor, raising the question of which came first - the chicken or the egg? An elephant for Republican  avatars and a donkey for Democrat avatars (the historic symbols of both parties) offer interesting photographing opportunities - you can see Ryce doing gymnastics on the donkey below -- several interesting posting options are available.

The Egg is very interactive.  There are dance areas -- with unique animations -- throughout. I particularly liked next to the kaleidoscopic sculpture which I show in an animated GIF below.

Make sure to visit the interior of the egg and the other large structures when visiting - the two images below with dark backgrounds are interior photographs. There are teleports and steps to the interiors of the structure, but you can just fly up and pass through the exterior of the objects as I did.

To visit this highly recommended art installation:


 Livio recommends the following when visiting for an optimal experience.

  • Use the region default Windlight  (note: all photography in this post uses the default Windlight Sky Setting for the region)
  • Use the best Graphics Setting your computer can handle. Try to at least have the Advanced Lighting Model enabled in Preferences, Graphics 
  • Make sure you have sounds turned on  (note: moving the sound tab to maximum in the upper right hand corner of your viewer will give the best effect) 
  • Make sure you have Particles turned on in Preferences, Graphics

Livio recommends the following post from the Theosophy Trust site to find out more about the symbolic meaning of The Egg.

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I constructed these animated GIFs from 18 - 30 individual frames each over at

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