Thursday, July 9, 2015

Great Second Life Art Installation: Pandora Box of Dreams-#4 - Del Mar Dream

Angel (Lokhe) Verlack's Pandora Box of Dreams is now in its fourth  iteration with an interactive art installation entitled Delmar Dream.  Imagine yourself on a particularly beautiful island atoll in the middle of the calm Pacific, with an impossibly beautiful blue ocean meeting island mountains in the distance. Lush palm trees and flowering bushes contain diving platforms, hammocks, and tent pavilions with luscious meals set out for your refreshments. Take a glider for a birds eye view. This is paradise, for solo visitors or for romantic couples, and one of the prettiest destinations of its genre ever realized in Second Life.

Upon arriving in the entry skybox, which is a giant aquarium with moving manta rays, walk to the front and look for the white flower chair chair, which is actually a teleport to the art installation (shown below).

All photography was taken with the region's programmed Windlight Sky Settings. To visit this highly recommended and particularly beautiful art installation:


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#3: May 2015
River Dream- A nightime fantasy of a rocky waterscape and sculptures showing bionic forms:

#2:  February 2015-
The Season of the Sakura-  a  Japanese landscape with flowering cherry (sakura) trees:

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