Saturday, July 11, 2015

Gorgeous Second Life Destinations: Visit Neva Crystall's Baby's Ear Homestead = Open Through July 26 Only

Baby's Ear is the new homestead of famous Second Life designer Neva Crystall and her partner, Boo (Bootney Blessed). This is one of the most attractive and imaginative homes I have ever seen in Second Life. The collection of interesting items both huge (a massive harvest combine among rows of wheat) and small (a magical child's bedroom corner with a miniature castle) are very eclectic but work incredibly well together. Make sure to zoom in on individual table displays and groupings of objects such as in the child's playground; every tableaux here is designed with care and obvious talent. If you like great design in Second Life, make it a priority to visit.

Neva writes that designers whose items are incorporated in this gorgeous build include  Fanatik Architecture, POST, Zerkalo, Junk, Little Branch, Skye, Trompe Loeil, Scarlet Creative, Kunst, RASP, Revival, BoOgErS, N4RS, Apt B, Dutchie, HIDEKI, and Seven Imporium.

To visit this highly recommended destination through July 26 2015:

Neva requests the following when visiting:
We also would like to inform you that furnitures may have adult content. Kindly refrain from using them as to respect other visitors who may be in the vicinity.

Photographic Information:

I used Windlight Sky Setting [TOR] MIDDAY - Baskaholic to get a warm golden light and antique burnished glow in these photographs. This Windlight effect  comes standard in Firestorm and some other viewers. I applied a 25% lomography effect afterwards to bring out depth in each image.

I used Windlight Water Setting "Glassy".

All photography was taken on an ultra setting.

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