Friday, July 17, 2015

Gorgeous Second Life Destinations: Make Sure To Visit Bella Pace - Open To The Public Through The End Of July

The crowds that have gathered at Romy and Jac Mornington's Bella Pace (Beautiful Peace) do so for good reason - this gorgeous homestead will be open to the public through the end of July 2015 only before it becomes their private home. Romy took inspiration from her childhood memories of Tuscany - a region in central Italy that is celebrated for its landscape, architecture, and artistic legacy - to come up with this magnificent virtualization of a perfect Italian country retreat.

Everything works so well here; each room on the hillside mansion has an interior that showcases the best of Second Life design. There are also nice touches of whimsy here, including a lemonade stand with real lemon slices floating in cool fresh tubs of water -- perfect for bright hot summer days, and a border collie (who looks very much like Lassie) shepherding her flock up a hill. I thought the field of sunflowers, where Romy and Jac to posed for a Watercolor portrait which you can see as the last image in this post, was a particularly nice touch.

I did not want to leave Bella Pace, and will be before it closes later this month. I highly recommend a visit -- to see the best that Second Life design has to offer.


All photography was taken with the programmed Windlight setting for the region, which I think does a great job in bringing out the warm highlights of Tuscany in the late summer.

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Watercolor of Romy and Jac Mornington at Bella Pace by Eddi Haskell


  1. Why are they closing? are they temporary builds? I'll have to go see them this weekend before they disappear.

  2. They are not closing -- they are private homesteads. Many people do not like the public visiting their homes and prefer privacy. However, the designers were kind enough to open their homes to the public for a period before closing it for their own private enjoyment.


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