Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fashion and Styling: Eddi Models Redgrave

Redgrave, founded by fashion guru Emilia Redgrave, is a classic Second Life fashion designer, has been my favorite clothing designer ever since I joined back in January, 2007.  I am modeling Redgrave items in this post to give you an idea of how I look right now.

Although Redgrave is never inexpensive, in terms of cost spent per hour of wearing items, Redgrave is actually quite a bargain -- I still regularly wear some t-shirts and shoes that I purchased 7 years ago. And unlike real life, clothes do not wear out or require expensive dry cleaning  in Second Life.

Redgrave fashions have a realism and timelessness that are never flashy- but and always speak of quality. Redgrave also sells widely selling skins, eyes, hair and other accessories, some of which I wear here. They have also branched out into retailing some very realistic homes and interior decorating itsm which you can find on Greenwich Sim in Second Life.

You can visit Redgrave's large  men and ladies store here:

You can find the Redgrave Store on the Second Life Marketplace here:

I am wearing various combinations of the following Redgrave items here:

All prices are given in Lindens

Pants:  Dark Blue Jeans (note: non-mesh)  $350

Shirt:  UNI T Shirt Liquid Mesh White (purchased as part of 10 shirt bundle)  $420

Boots:  Biker  (Color: Night)  $450

Sunglasses:  Aviator Pilot  $290

Hair:  Chris (Color: Brown)  $120

Eyes:  Deep Brown  $100

In addition to Redgrave items, I am wearing an Agape Shape. You can the main Agape Store here:

I am also wearing a Birth Skin. You can find the Birth Store here:

Note that I am not wearing a Mesh Body here -- although I may go Mesh at some point in the future, I can wear my existing wardrobe with my current configuration, and am happy with my current look - at least for now!

All photography in this post uses Windlight Sky Setting Bree's Appleblossom, which I prefer for its bright and clear warm light and lack of heavy shadows. This setting comes preinstalled in Firestorm and other viewers.

I used the Ocean Terrace at Wilanow Palace as a location for these photographs which is located at the following SLurl:


  1. WOW Great looking model. Look out Ryce.

  2. He's very jealous. He heard that Benja has been seeing me on the side. Jealous blonde if you ask me!


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