Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Update: Windows 10 Moves Closer To Launch- But Microsoft Warns of "Internet Service Fees"

On Friday May 29, here on this blog, I wrote about the upcoming launch of Windows 10, and how Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users would shortly be offered a free upgrade. I also wrote that Microsoft may be attempting to extract a monthly fee out of Windows users for privilege of continuing to use Windows 10.

Well what I predicted is coming true. Last night, I noticed this little windows icon on my toolbar -- look on the left:

Upon examination, it was a reservation for a free Windows upgrade which I accepted. By the way, the little Icon does not go away after I accepted the reservation, I hope it is not now a permanent part of my desktop!

But look closely at the upgrade confirmation-- the following line is included:


Now, I can see Microsoft eventually wanting me to pay a one-time fee to keep Windows 10.  It might be as much as $100; this is what I would have to pay  for a  new version of Windows, and I can  see Microsoft justifying this.

But here is the rub -- if Microsoft is moving to a monthly subscription services, and if a monthly fee is over five dollars , I am not paying it. I will move to a Mac or a free open source operating system like Ubuntu as a replacement.

I am going to predict that Microsoft will not move Windows to a paid subscription anytime soon, if at all. They have committed to keeping it free for twelve months. But trying to charge their current user base a whole bunch of money for something that traditionally was included in the price of a computer or pad device is something that they will not tolerate.

For an update on Windows 10 published on Monday, June 1 confirming a July 29 ship date:



  1. The warning is because your Internet Service Provider may charge a fee for the data/bandwidth usage as some data plans are capped and some laptop users have a metered *stick* or 'pay per data' system much like a cellular phone plan. I've noticed that all Microsoft downloads have that disclaimer attached and some other software companies have been doing the same just in case a user incurs charges from their ISP - this way they cannot blame the software maker or otherwise hold them liable for the charges..

    1. The Microsoft warning is for their own fees. They are guaranteeing no subscription fee for the first year, but they want to charge money for Windows 10 support further down the road. They are under much pressure not to do this.


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