Monday, June 29, 2015

Real Life Hunk of the Week: Berlin Philharmonic Principal Clarinetist Andreas Ottensamer

Of all the Real Life Hunks of the Week that I have posted on this blog over the past 5 years, 26 year old austrian clarinetist Andreas Ottensamer has to be the most unbelievable. To begin with, Andreas is obviously strikingly handsome. He has classic movie star looks to say the least, and it does not look like his publicity shots have been photoshopped much. But this is not why he is famous. Andreas, incredibly, has had the position of principal clarinetist with the famous  Berlin Philharmonic for the past four years. Those of you who follow classical music know that the Berlin Philharmonic is in a class of its own, especially when it comes to its lead soloists.  For a 21 year old to have been offered this position is simply unbelievable. But Andreas really is that good.

Now, before I go on, you might say to yourself that Andreas's stunning looks are a draw, and Berlin gave him this position based on this. This is not true for two reasons. First, the Berlin Philharmonic is almost always sold out, and does not need to hire musicians based on an eye candy appeal.  Music making ability is the only thing that counts. Second, when an orchestra like Berlin hires, it is done on the basis of a blind audition-- meaning that the people making the hiring decisions have no idea who is actually auditioning; they usually play behind a curtain or in another room. The decisions are based on pure musical talent alone.

Andreas was born in 1989 in Vienna, Austria. His father and brother are also solo clarinetists with the Vienna Philharmonic which lays claim to being the best orchestra in the world together with Berlin. The three have formed a group that plays around the world and has been recorded, the Clarinotts. Andreas won many prizes and competitions before beginning his solo career with Berlin  (I still cannot believe he did this at age 21), and is the first clarinet player to have entered into an exclusive arrangement through the Mercury label of Deutsche Grammophon, the most powerful classical music label in the world.  He also managed to attend Harvard University at some point.

The only "sexy" photo I could find of Andreas is the one below in which he appears to be wearing nice silk undies. I am sure that his handlers have advised him to keep his clothes on in future shoots; the classical music scene really is not ready for this in central Europe. However, there a very handsome British violin recording artist who is also a well known fashion model -- Charlie Siem -- and has been the face of some major brands including Dunhill, who has not been afraid to show off a bit.  There are lots of hot photos of Charlie that you can find in Google Images, and I plan to feature him here at some point in the future.

Please enjoy these hot photographs of handsome Andreas but make sure to hear his gorgeous clarinet playing in the videos below.


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