Saturday, June 27, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Pfaffenthal, A Scenic Quarter in Luxembourg City

Second Life's venerable virtualization of Luxembourg City was one of my favorite urban sims. Luxembourg City is actually the scenic and historic capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg- which is a small and very wealthy county landlocked between Germany, Belgium, and France. I photographed Second Life's Luxembourg City extensively four years ago, and have my framed photography for access here for downloads, and admired the use of landscaping and presentation of the build on hills and terraces.  However, it was getting dated in terms of interest and some design features, and deserved to be updated. Second Life residents are lucky that this process is now underway.

The new Luxembourg City in Second Life looks set to be spectacular.  The Luxembourg City region now comprises eight sims. including historic Fort Thungen, which has been reconstructed in Second Life to match its historic purpose (it is currently a modern art museum). The new Pfaffenthal Quarter, photography of which is featured in this post, is just one of 20 quarters in actual Luxembourg City. If the rest of Second Life's Luxembourg City on the six remaining sims remaining to be completed are as good as what has been  here, Second Lifers are in for a real treat. This is simply a gorgeous destination to visit.

I highly recommend you visit Pfaffenthal. The thought and detail that have gone into the design here show. This is a second-generation Second Life destination, and one that will delight anyone who enjoys great virtual design. I am looking forward to seeing additional parts of the Luxembourg City development, which exist in various states of framing now, completed.  It is something well worth waiting for.

To visit Pfaffenthal:

You can see actual photographs of Pfaffenthal in Luxembourg City here:

See my 2014 blog coverage and photography of nearby Fort Thungen:

I did a series of framed photography of the old Luxembourg City Sim which Pfaffenthal replaces. You can download them here:

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