Thursday, June 11, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Watch What's In the Meat at McHell's at LEA 28

NaTaS Janus and some of his friends have five different art installations that you can visit at Entropy 2 at LEA 28.  I reviewed two of the installations, and a very interesting urban-themed gift shop which gives out lots of great freebies here in February.  Two more installations have opened since then, E-Cadaver and Fast Food Hell. I am reviewing Fast Food Hell, which I found to be particularly gruesome and entertaining, in this post.

Fast Food Hell centers around McHell's, a hamburger joint, which is surrounded by flames and burning lava. I am showing the effect in the animated GIF below. Once you enter, you will notice a particularly large vat full of ground burger meat. Upon further examination, you can see what type of meat most of this is.  Touch the grinding vat and watch as you are consumed bit it. You can also participate in interesting scenes, like our model below, as your murdered body is quartered into grinding by some of the horrid looking staff you will ever see working at a burger joint. McHell's is great fun, and makes for some some interesting photo opportunities.

To visit McHell's at the Entropy 2 Art Installation, use the teleport door marked McHell's. Make sure to visit the other installations, they are all very creative and interesting and well worth a visit.

All photography were taken with Windlight Sky Setting "TOR" Dusk Fairytale Glow.

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