Saturday, June 13, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: The Romance of The South of France at Flux Sur Mer

Nic Bour's Flux Sur Mer, which roughly translates at "the ebb and flow of the sea", is one of the most talked about new Second Life destinations in quite some time. I counted at least seven blogs featuring this gorgeous destination in its first three days after opening on June 6.  Flux Sur Mer, which due to economies of scale appears to be far larger than a single region, is evocative of the South of France from which it takes its inspiration.  I found the programmed Windlight Sky Setting, which I use in these photographs, to be very evocative of a late  autumn sunset sunsets on the Cote D'Azur or the French Riviera.  This is simply a spectacularly beautiful destination.

There were, understandably, a large number of visitors at Flux Sur Mer when I visited and took these images this week. This, together with particle-intensive rain which falls on part of the region (and which you can see in the last GIF image in this blog post) contributed to a substantial amount of lag and a graphics card crash, which only happened once before. I do take a large number of rapid-fire high resolution photographs in an ultra setting for my blog posts, so this probably caused the problem. You may want to reduce your graphics settings, or just your particles in advanced graphics, if you feel laggy when you visit.

The detail of Flux Sur Mer is perfect and gives the visitor worlds to explore at farm and market stands, and inside shops. Simple touches, such as the completely chic Jaguar XKE sport car in a dusty violet custom paint finish -- are you you would expect to see this most chic of travel destinations. I cannot recommend this destination any higher.

Unfortunately, Flux Sur Mer may not be open to the public on a permanent basis. It is open now. Make sure to visit while you can.


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