Thursday, June 4, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Mistero Hifeng's Sculpture Garden and Ocho Tango at Blossomland

Blossomland sim has three attractions which are recommended that you need to check out:

A sculpture garden by Mistero Hifeng, full of wonderful shapes and animations in a wet grey landscape that I show in the top 5 photographs in this post. Mistero Hifeng currently has a large art installation at LEA 29 which this installation compliments.

The Ocho Tango dance pavilion on the Argentine Pampas, which can be reached directly from the sculpture garden, and which is bathed in a gorgeous golden pink sunlight. I show 3 images from Ocho Tango here and in a prior post. I also showed Benja and Ryce dancing the tango here on a Monday post this week.

The D&D Design Store which I show in the last photograph and which has great modern art and items for purchase

I high recommend you visit all three attractions. Note that your Windlight Sky Setting should change as you move from the rainy and grey sculpture garden to the bright sunlight of the Ocho Tango dance pavilion.

SLurls to Blossomland attractions:

Mistero Hifeng's Sculpture Garden

Ocho Tango Pavillion:

D&D Design Store:

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Veyot's View:

Honour McMillan:

Ocho Tango is currently a Second Life Destination Guide Editors' Pick.

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Ocho Tango Dance Pavillion


D&D Design Store

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