Saturday, June 20, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: The Gorgeous Sky at Vivaldi Four Seasons

Vivaldi Four Seasons is a charming and highly photogenic destination. I was reminded of the rugged coast of the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia -- a region increasingly referred to as Cascadia -- when I visited. The rugged snow capped mountains, crashing waves, and salmon running rapids to spawn upstream are reminiscent of this beautiful part of the world. Many varieties of trees grow here; and brilliant fall foliage can be found in addition to evergreen redwoods and spruces.

The first thing I noticed - and liked about Vivaldi Four Seasons was the gorgeous sky -- which is actually a huge painted dome. Although Windlight skies offer a realistic sense of distance and horizon, the cloud effects make for a gorgeous backdrop for photographs.  The sky changes character when you visit the top of the large mountain where snow flurries fall and where a headless statue can be joined in contemplation.

This is a private residential sim but respectful visitors are welcome.  Make sure to visit this highly recommended, and unique destination. I expect that more designers will consider using skydomes after visiting.


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