Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: A Golden Sunset At Alpha Tribe

Alpha Auger's Alpha Tribe has been redone around the theme of "fool's gold".  The ground level of the sim now contains several interesting objects to admire and photograph, including pleasure arcades contain interesting animated clockwork creatures, and boats and airships which reflect well against the surrounding silver sea. Everything is constructed of metallic textures which glow gold against the setting sun, which probably explains the name of the new theme. Alpha Tribe, viewed in its recommended Windlight Settings (shown below), is simply gorgeous and well worth a visit.

You can still visit two classic levels of Alpha Tribe, Blueprint City and Pastoral, a skydome with sculpted cattle, and a new underwater area with an undersea aquatic build theme. A teleport to these destinations is available at the arrival area.

All photography was taken with the Windlight settings programmed for the region which emphasizes the golden glow of the objects displayed:
Sky:  [NB]-MistyDay-4pm
Water: Glassy 

To visit this highly recommended destination, which includes a store for Alpha Auer's highly imaginative and very modern unisex avatars:

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