Friday, June 19, 2015

Great Second Life Art Installations: Metropolis - Fractals Visualize A Crowded Future

Metropolis is an art installation by Gem Preiz that uses large-scale fractal art surrounded by silhouettes of busy city inhabitants to visualize that huge urban population group that is transforming, our planet. As Gem points out, at the end of this year, the population of the world will reach 7.3 billion human beings, among which more than 50% are in urban areas. Metropolis is gripping, when you arrive your first thoughts are off all the stationary two-dimensional objects around you. However as you move among the anonymous black shapes representing your fellow earthly citizens, and see stationary fractals coming alive though Trompe-l'œil visual effects, the magic of Metropolis unrolls before your eyes. This is a thought provoking and must-see art installation.

To visit Metropolis:

To see more blog coverage and photography of Metropolis check out Inara Pey's blog, Inara also has a great right-up of Gem's thoughts behind Metropolis which you should read before you visit:

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