Friday, June 12, 2015

Great Second Life Art Installations:: Intouchable by Arnicar India

Arnicar India's Intouchable is a nighttime world that unfolds as a series of dreams on a watery plateau. Waves of wildflowers and waterlilies cover islands which which support gnomes and waterfowl and flying boats -- all incongruous but unfired in the  bright silvery nighttime light. Intouchable is best experienced with with Armicar's recommended Windlight sky setting programmed at the region-  [EUPHORIA] low saturation dull deposit.  I use this windlight setting, which comes as a pre-installed option in Firestorm and other viewers, in these images.

To visit this highly recommended art installation:

To see my review and photography of Moon, Armicar's prior installation at Intouchable, which was also very well done:

To see more photograhy from Intouchable check out Real Virtual (Echt Virtuell):

To see more gorgeous places to visit in Second Life:

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  1. Beautiful pictures,Eddi and you always very welcome at my regions!*hugs* from Arni


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