Monday, June 1, 2015

Fashion and Styling: Ryce Models Uncle Web's "Nice" Hair

Ryce wears trim cut "Nice" hair from Uncle Web Studios in the "Holy Golden" color. Uncle Web Studios remains one of the classic locations to purchase hair in Second Life with a huge number of styles to choose from.

This hair style is available in several dark and light shades, and comes in both  a small and large size upon purchase. Ryce found that he could wear the large size comfortably without any adjustments.

Price: $230 Linden.   (mod, copy, no transfer)


Note: this teleport will take you to the central landing area for Uncle Web Studios retail location. To find "Nice" go to the men's store (there are also ladies and unisex stores), take the steps up to the Second Floor, make a right at the first landing, and walk to the center where you will find "Nice" immediately next to the staircase.

Sunglasses: Zenith by Redgrave (changeable frame and lense color).

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