Sunday, May 24, 2015

Unreal Engine Virtual Reality Simulations Are Incredibly Good -- Check out the Visualization of the Titanic

Architectural Simulations Using the Unreal Engine and NVIDIA Graphics

Take a look at the incredibly realistic virtual reality graphics created by the Unreal Engine 4.6 and visualized by NVIDIA graphics. These graphics are starting to be offered in gaming and industrial applications -- and will eventually find their way to Virtual Worlds.  Although I am not aware of any plans for High Fidelity and Sansar (the working name for Second Life 2.0) there is no reason why we should not see graphics this good in virtual worlds and related applications in the near future.

I particularly like the graphics created for the Titanic Honor and Glory project,  You can find ouT more about the project here:

Simulations of the RMS Titanic (1912) Using the Unreal Engine and NVIDIA Graphics 


Unreal Engine Web Site:

Unreal Engine You Tube Channel:

Fore more machinima which use the Unreal Engine, and other state-of-the-art Virtual Reality gaming videos head over the other MRGV (Maximum Resolution Game Views) You Tube Channel:

For another recent post on state of the art virtual reality graphics, check out my article on Bohemia Interactive Simulations that ran here this month:

Demo video for the Unreal Engine 4.6 Engine

Titanic Simulation using the Unreal Engine

Excellent renditions of a country house using the Unreal Engine:

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