Thursday, May 28, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Havendale Village, A Magical Fantasy Residential Sim

It makes sense to have a region in Second Life pay for itself. However, designing a residential or commercial sim that is also attractive enough to be a virtual tourist destination is a challenge.  The majority of these efforts seem repetitive and symmetrical and offer little surprise. Havendale Village on the other hand, which bills itself as a magical fantasy themed sim "with lots to do" succeeds spectacularly as a gorgeous destination to visit and explore. There are many pleasing vistas and places to relax in this recommended destination.

Please be respectful and stay out of rented homes when you visit.


Visit the rental office for information  on home and store rentals.

Make sure to visit the magical cave with glowing crystals and beautiful apparitions located behind the main town (see the last image in this post).


Havendale Village Website:

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