Thursday, May 14, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Terracotta at France, Portnawak Is Simply Beautiful

Leica Arado's France, Portnawak now is even more glorious in golden dusk light reminiscent of the bright earth tones of terracotta, which serves as an apt name for her new sim design. The warm rays of the setting sun bathe everything in a warm glow and serve as a unifying element for the varied vegetation, structures, and stone outcrops which populate the island.

I used Leica's own terracotta-colored Windlight Sky Setting which is programmed at the region in these images. This is simply one of the most attractive destinations to visit in Second Life and is highly recommended.

France, Portnawak now has falling meteors -- you can see these in the last image in this post which is an animated GIF made at from 15 independent frames.

To visit:

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