Sunday, May 3, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Visit a London Inspired Shopping District at Feel Beautiful

I have been fortunate enough to live in the very pretty London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames for several years. It is a magical part of Britain on the Thames River in West London, with river cafes, hills, a very large park full of deer, and some very posh and expensive accommodations -- which I was lucky enough to beat by finding affordable rent. Feel Beautiful, which is actually a shopping destination for fashion conscious female avatars, reminds me very much of charming Richmond.

Perhaps the best way to describe the architecture of London, and Richmond in particular, is that of solid masculine design -- as compared to Paris, which is most definitely female in comparison. The most charming thing about Richmond as compared to central London is its sense of scale and greenery -- you might as well be in a town in the rural Cotswolds than 18 minutes by rail from central Waterloo Station.

You can sense the masculine design of London here, including some very cool looking sports cars and dark bricked building fronts. One thing I particularly liked is the use of textures here. Everything just fits so well. Some of the best builds in Second Life focus on selling things, which makes perfect sense since the cost of rent and tier is so high for so many people.

To visit this recommended destination:


I used Windlight Sky Setting Bree's Appleblossom in these images which I prefer for its soft
diffuse bright light, except for the top image of a store interior.  I applies some slight sharpening to bring out the signage and fine detail. However, when you use sharpening be conservative with its use -- your photographs can take on a grainy and unnatural look if you overdo it.

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