Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Miyagi, A Perfect Village Set High in the Mountains of Japan

When I first visited Japan, I was surprised at how mountainous  the landscape was. I did not find the largest coastal cities of Japan, Tokyo and Osaka, particularly attractive. They were densely packed, very concrete, and for the most part devoid of parks and  trees. But once I got outside of the main cities and visited the mountainous interior, starting at the beautiful and historic city of Kyoto, I was dazzled. I was lucky enough to visit in December, when early snow and icy lakes shined in the winter sun. The clean lines of Japanese architecture look amazing in this setting.

We are lucky in Second Life to have many gorgeous Japanese-themed destinations to visit, most of which are set in mountainous landscapes. . They offer some of the best and most realistic landscape design in Second Life. I review on average one new Japanese-themed destination a month; I give links to the five destinations I have reviewed in 2015 in this article. Miyagi, with its attractive structures which make good use of textures, and realistic landscaping, is a worthy addition to this list. You can literally smell how fresh and sweet the mountain air here. The scale of everything relates very well, and in terms of realism, the design here is most effective.

Miyagi is a very attractive attractive destination, and recommended for a visit. Make sure to explore hidden vales behind the outlying mountains to see the full charm of the destination.

I have one  request for designers and landscapers. Please do not put your Sakura (Cherry Trees) on full bright. The pink blossoms are attractive enough on their own; but on full bright they can overwhelm most photographic images.


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