Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Les Terres d'Asylum, a Francophone Fantasy Role-Play Region, Is Spectacular

I am dazzled by Les Terres d"Asylum, or the Land of Asylum, a relatively new Francophone role play destination. The theme here is medieval or fantasy for french speaking residents, and role play opportunities are available.  What I find gorgeous here is the layout of the region which appears to be entirely natural, the use of water animation in the fountains and the waves, the magical lights (see the two nighttime images below), and the superior use of color and texture.

This is one of the most attractive destinations yet that I have seen in this genre in Second Life. I especially like the highly realistic ships that appear at the docks and on the rocks (for repair?) next to the main town. Be prepared to be impressed when you visit.

Before visiting the mainland (shown), you will arrive in a skybox. Please get an observer tag have a fantasy or medieval costume on before teleporting to the mainland. You can get a free cloak in the arrival area to wear as a costume if you do not have one.

You can also buy purchase a costume for as little as five linden on SL Marketplace -- such as this one for ladies and this for gents if you want some originality.

Please refrain from speaking in public as an observer, particularly if you do not speak french. However, you are more than welcome to visit and take photographs of this highly recommended destination as an observer.

To visit:


Web Site:

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I used Windlight Sky Setting [TOR] MIDDAY - Baskaholic to get a warm golden light and antique burnished glow in the top 5 photographs in this post.   This Windlight effect  comes standard in Firestorm and some other viewers.

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